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What is iGaming – the present or the future of the industry?

Simply put, iGaming (or online gaming) is playing or betting on the outcome of a game or event via the internet. iGaming activities include, but not limited to, sports betting – like NFL wagering – online casino betting, poker betting, or online video gaming, etc.…but the biggest share of this industry is made up of sports betting and casino games.

While iGaming hubs are dotted everywhere around the world, the most popular are based in Malta (an archipelago in the central Mediterranean) and Gibraltar in the U.K. When you look at the magnitude of the global gaming industry, it’s no surprise that online gaming is encroaching the business market all over the world. The industry, in terms of market size and revenue generation, is at par with film and music industries, if not better.

Is this the Future of Gaming? 

Pretty much. Gone are the days where gamers had to make long trips to brick and mortar casinos to play the 21. The days of filling out a slip in depressing betting shops are also far gone. You don’t also need to spend a rainy day to venture on a horseracing game!

Thanks to iGaming (and the Internet of Things), gaming and betting aficionados can plunge into whatever game that satiates their thirst at the comfort of their sofas. The inevitable truth is that the games will only get better, the platforms will get even more space-age, and the future is without-a-doubt bright for iGaming fanatics!