Destiny 2 – Is it worth it in 2021?


Destiny 2 had a rocky launch when it got released. The game lacked story and content to keep players entertained. Being just a looter shooter with mediocre loot and just down right stupid AI isn’t enough. Wow, who would have ever thought of that. I think someone over Bungie was like “Yeah, this is fine” after just hour or 2 of testing it. Well, as it turns out, people wants more than just that from a triple A game.

Since then, the game itself has evolved into free-2-play game. That being said it does contain quite a bit of microtransactions. But if you manage to toss out 80€, all of the DLC stories combined makes a pretty decent experience.

We are saying decent because even though the actual stories are amazing and really fleshed out, it still has a hefty price tag. If you’re a player who bought the game back in the days that price really is a bit too much. However we would say the “Legendary Edition” is worth to play.

If you play on Playstation, there really isn’t anything you can do to get it cheaper. The only options are to either wait until it’s on sale or pay the 80 euros. For PC gamers, you are lucky as you can get the legendary edition for 29,99€ from here!

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