Hearts of Iron IV – Road to 56

Hearts of Iron IV -Road to 56

Hearts of Iron IV is a grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. It was released in 2016 and is the fourth installment in the Hearts of Iron series, which focuses on World War II and the events leading up to it.

In Hearts of Iron IV, players take control of a country and lead it through the tumultuous times of World War II. The game features a complex simulation of the global political and military situation during the time period, with players able to engage in diplomacy, research new technologies, build and command armies, and make important strategic decisions that can affect the outcome of the war.

The game is highly detailed and offers a wide range of options for players to customize their gameplay experience, including a variety of different nations to play as, alternate history scenarios, and multiplayer modes. It is known for its depth and complexity, and has a dedicated following among strategy game enthusiasts.

The PDX community is absolutely massive but also at the same time very niché. Due to this the game enjoys a highly dedicated modding community. Today’s mod is Road to 56, a vanilla based mod that brings more flavour to the table.

Now, the mod itself is very massive in size and scale so we are dividing these articles into continents. With links

Road to 56 – Ultimate focus tree mod

To say that Road to 56 mod adds more flavour would be a massive understatement. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular mods out there and soon you will know why.

The mod adds many new focus trees that PDX has not even touched. Countries in europe such as Belgium, Sweden, Luxembourg, Austria and even Liechtenstein have their own completely new focus trees. In Asia we see a complete rework of the warlord trees, Siam, Nepal and British Raj have gotten more love than in vanilla.

Almost every continent has gotten focus trees to all the relevant nations, but that doesn’t mean it ends there. Road to 56 is a community driven project, meaning everybody can join and contribute, more on that in their Discord server.

The dev team has also added new technologies to the tech tree for you to research. With that comes a variety of new battalion types such as shocktroops, jaegers, jungle infantry and desert infantry.

As the mod name would suggest, the timespan of a playthrough it expanded to 56 and slightly even beyond. This is why you also have access to more advanced tank techs amongst with the expanded industrial and naval tech trees.

Because the mod is vanilla based, it tries to keep the combat similar to the one in base game while having more powerful tech. This is also why there are no overpowerful buffs found in the focus trees, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any powerful ones. Spoiler alert, there are some.

We will continue later with this mod, this article was more like an introduction to the mod. Next article will be about the countries in Europe.

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