Jord “ibiza” van Geldere

Jord “ibiza” van Geldere (born August 24, 1996) is a Dutch player who currently plays for Team Liquid.

He regularly plays and is a competitive PUBG streamer on Twitch. He is part of Team Liquid although he was also a member of Team Kinguin from June 2017 to January 2018. He is also known by other competitive gamer IDs namely Kinguin_ibiza and Liquid_ibiza.

Ibiza won 1st place in a number of tournaments including GLL Season 3 Europe and StarSeries i-League Season 2. He won with a squad that consisted of his Liquid team partners: jeemzz, Mista, Jembty and Sambty. He is also has a YouTube channel which ibiza posts his game highlights on a regular basis.


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