Professional content services


As Carnival News Company is a real company, and we have been creating content already since 1990s. As we proudly produce content, we also have some guidelines on how we manage ourselves. That means a solid work process, starting with initial contact.

  • initial contact
  • negotiations
  • work order
  • set the work on the task list
  • manage the work to a CNC staff
  • create content
  • reviewing process
  • publishing content/ delivering the content
  • invoicing

If the invoice is not paid in set time, the content will be deleted, or paid links are removed.

International content agents

Carnival News Company does not like to wokr with agents, as there seems to be a lot of information missing at the start of the contact. So we prefer real affiliate companies, content agencies and real companies – no gmail/hotmail Mr Smith and Mrs Smith persons.

Some answers to this agents’ normal questions

– Can you please confirm that the external links will be Do-follow?  

As we provide content to our own or partner networks, all external links are Do-follow. Sometimes we also create content to 3rd party sites and forums, and on those occasions we cannot promise Do-follow links.

– What discount can you offer – if we give continued work?

We have set prices and negotiations are possible after some work have been delivered and paid.

– If you can provide a sample link that would be greatly appreciated.

Every agent that has experiece and skills, also have the knowlegde of work before the contact. With small amount of wokr this question is covered without needing to ask it. At the same time, the agent can show some initiative.

– Do you accept Casino links? The article will be purely relevant to your website / audience but would have a [steer towards gaming trends etc.

Carnival News have and manages sites that are able to provide placement for casino related content. We also have places for cryptocurrency, CBD, loans and basically any content and theme can be covered – AS LONG AS IT IS LEGAL

– Can you please let us know if the post will be marked “Sponsored”, “Guest post”, or   “Contributed”. 

In normal cases, we do not mark our delivered content in any means. In some sites this is however needed and then the marking goes as sites’s own guidance, which can be seen at the site in question.

Content article

In 2021 our normal content article is:

  • 500-800 words
  • contains normal H1, H2 and H3 titles
  • contains normally one image, which is either our own or from image libraries
  • its native, so we have written it ourselves
  • normally our articles provide knowledge of todays news, statistics, trends
  • one article normally has one customer link
  • one article also have one site’s internal link
  • one article normally also has 2-3 referral links that are suitable for the article

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