Warhammer III – Valkia the Bloody


Latest of the greatest arrival to the Warhammer Trilogy. Valkia the Bloody who was once a daughter of a norscan chieftain of the Black Wolf Clan. If you are a fan of Khorne, now is your chance to pick someone sexier to collect skulls and souls with. This is the lore background of the gorequeen herself. Jump in on our story of Valkia the Bloody.

If you are old time fan of the Warhammer franchise, you might already know that it’s basically just our world’s history turned to x1000. This addition that came as a part of Champions of Chaos really hammers the whole norse myth to players mind.

Valkia as mentioned before, was a daughter of her tribe’s chieftain, but that means nothing in the norscan culture. There, only the strongest survive and even stronger can rule the many tribes of the cold north. When her father eventually died, she had to quickly prove her right to rule. This happens in the norscan culture by killing the competition… duhh…

Warhammer: Valkia and the God of War

At first glance, it feels weird as mortals usually are but mere toys to the chaos gods. But it’s not unheard of for a mortal to gain daemonhood. These elevated champions are called Demon Princes and Princesses. However, because Warhammer never wants to be clear of things that are happening and the fans getting weirder and weirder stories, Valkia is the newest of these.

Valkia had to prove her right to lead her clan and whilst doing so, she dropped many bodies on her wake. One of the clans who submitted to her later on actually gifted her a mythic spear, Slaupnir. This never ending slaughter naturally raised Khorne’s interest about her and so this story finally begins.

Valkia march her army through the chaos wastes, fighting with whoever came her way, sending more and more skulls for the skullthrone. The bloodgod was truly happy about this and blessed her with certain gifts. Most important of this was her immortality(ish) as technically she was still mortal but Khorne always sent her back every time she fell. This gift was result of a battle against slaneeshi army (Seducer God) where Valkia’s army was all but abandoned. All but one, Kormak. The vast daemon horde of Slaneesh greatly outmatched Valkia and her companion although she did defeat countless numbers of them, one of them was even a greater daemon. At this point in Warhammer history, Valkia was the first to ever beat a Demon Prince in a fair(ish) 1-on-1 fight.

Khorne was so outraged by this that he brought her back to spite his “sibling” god. Also because all the blood that was flown by her hand made Khorne fall in love with her. Eventually she became his queen.

This is the story of Valkia in a nutshell apart from the story how she got her shield. But that’s story worthy of another article. Tomorrow we will discuss how she fares on the campaign map of Total War: Warhammer III. Dear lord that’s always a mouthful of wars.

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