Age of Empires IV – Hit or a Flop?


Age of Empires was one of the golden game franchises of my youth. So when I heard that a fourth one was finally coming I was excited. It wasn’t really news as it was commonly known that Microsoft had their hands on a new installment. For years I was waiting as were many others of the fanbase.

Age of Empires III received mixed reviews back in the days. Visually the game was stunning and the card mechanic made the multiplayer more varied and competitive. However there were many things wrong in the game e.g. the naval stuff, broken cavalry etc.

Musket era was a neat choice but it didn’t really bring out the glory of the original games. So does the fourth game do that? Well yes and no. Mechanics in the game are innovative but still manages to maintain the feeling that made us fall in love with the franchise at the start. Visually the game does look a bit cartoonish which isn’t really a bad thing.

Every country or “playable faction” has its own difficulty rating which really isn’t telling the truth. While the game says that the mongols are one of the hardest ones to play, it isn’t so. It’s the other way around, they are annoying to counter. Imagine someone spamming horse boys with lances, bows and all that. To counter it you need to have a ****ton of anti-cavalry units that makes the game hard in the long term.

The buildings have a nice look, it’s new and refreshing but still familiar in ways.

So is the game hit or a flop? It’s both, atleast in my view as a hardcore fan of the franchise.

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