Finns and Finland as a target group


You may well know, that we work a lot with different sectors in business. We help international brands and companies to connect with Finns in Europe and in Finland. To do this, we create content in Finnish according to the orders and contracts we receive. But, do all know about Finland?

Finland, a Small country

Finland is not the smallest country in Europe or in the World in what comes to the size, but when it comes to inhabitants and Finns, the coutry is 115th in line of the biggest nations. Finland has less than 6 million people, who spean Finnish as their native language.

Finnish Target groups

We at Carnival News Company have been working as a content provider since early years of Internet. We did our first Google ads years ago, and had the first Google analytics running well beofre the modern mobile age.

Nowadays we have worked more with:

  • CDB content
  • iGaming content
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Interior design
  • Loand and banking
  • Cars

And we are here to serve you, in order for you to have better contact(s) with Finns.

In Finland people use a lot internet, and more and more are using it by mobile. But what are the current biggest sites in Finland:

So the biggest FINNISH sites are national news, banks and housing + cars, gambling, investing… a good list is found at

So if you are looking to get in touch with Finns, let us help you – and remember, Finns is a small taret area, with less than 6 millions Finns!

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