Joona “Serral” Sotala

Joona “Serral” Sotala is a Zerg player from Finland who is currently playing for Ence eSports.

Although Serral has kept a relatively low profile, he has had some appearances in major tournaments. Serral participated Copenhagen Games Spring 2012 in April, 2012. He was in the same group with StarNaN, Joe and Buddha and managed to advance to the main bracket by placing 2nd in his group by only dropping two games against the group winner, StarNaN. In the main bracket Serral was put up against Seiplo, who defeated Serral by a score of 2-1.


  • He is the only player along with Nerchio to qualify for all of the four 2017 WCS Circuit Events through the European Qualifiers.
  • He is the only player to have won all of the WCS Circuit Tournaments in a single year: he achieved this in 2018 beating his previous record (shared with Neeb) of 3 out of 4 in 2017.
  • If not for his second place in 2018 WCS Leipzig Challenger he would have won all the WCS Challengers and Main Events of 2018.
  • He and Neeb are the only non-korean players to have obtained the Triple Crown.
  • He is the only non-Korean player to have reached and won a WCS Global Finals in 2018.
  • Joona was included (along with his older brother, Jonne “Protosser” Sotala) in a Finnish magazine show “Ajankohtainen Kakkonen”, in a short documentary about competitive video gaming.
  • Joona also plays golf with his older brother Protosser and their father.
  • He is the younger brother of Jonne “Protosser” Sotala, who also plays Zerg.
  • Serral has faced Protoss in seven Premier finals, with a 6-1 record.
  • Serral is the only non-Korean player to have two Triple Crowns.

Joona “Serral” Sotala on suomalainen Starcraft II -ammattilaispelaaja. Sotalan kilpauran merkittävin saavutus on vuosittaisen, MM-tason WCS Global Finals -turnauksen voittaminen marraskuussa 2018.


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