Top Game Theme Songs Of All Time


Top games have millions of different lists all over the internet, from different categories to different decades. That’s just how big the industry has gotten since it first started to rise. Nowadays there are quite a few games with recognizable main theme music and we are going to share our picks.

Battlefield Franchise

We decided to start with the legend. It’s so iconic and it’s featured in every title of the franchise. Not only is it iconic, memorable and good theme, it’s quite catchy.

It creates that epic feeling at the start of the battles and oh boy is it nostalgic everytime we hear it.

Star Wars

Now this might be counted as cheating because technically Star Wars music comes from films. But we’d be damned if we didn’t give this a mention. Whether you are playing old school KOTOR, SWTOR, BF I & II or the newer ones, you know this belongs to gaming history as well.

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