Total War: Warhammer III – Conquer your Daemons now


Total War as a franchise is constantly growing in many ways. The latest title which came out last thursday has had a huge success when looking the sales. With the community doubling in count with every new title, it’s only fitting that we would report you how the game was received and released.

Warhammer is a huge IP from british company, Games Workshop that has spurred out dozens of videogames, books etc. The whole thing started as a small table top warfare game that later evolved into a near cult franchise. We have also a small addiction to this IP as well as to the game franchise that made the adaptation.

Total War as an IP is about the player controlling a faction (country) and conquering the world. The player has control of armies comprised of cavalry, infantry and artillery. Cities, agents and leaders. Franchise brought together 2 biggest sub-genres of strategy games, RTS and turn-based. the latter being the bulk of the game and forementioned happens in the battles for land.

That being said if you are a fan of Warhammer and more precisely, Warhammer Fantasy, you might have a great time with this new bad boy of a game.

Of course, given how new the game is, it contains a lot of bugs, glitches and exploits. So if you are looking for balanced Total War experience, this game is not for you. Because oh boy there are some wacky “intended game mechanics” in it.

Later today we will release a complete and thorough review of the game. I have personally sunked over 100 hours already just so we could give you the deeds about it!

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