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Casino marketing is about writing articles, news, reviews on casinos and games. These articles are then posts to different sites according to language and country. Carnival News Company works with several international operators to both offer sites, as well as content to these sites.

Casinos are not the only content we provice. We write news and content for lifestyle, banking, investing, nature, health, sports, technology…. just ask for quote.

Content services include normal articles with minimum of 500 words in an article, image, and reference links. All articles are checked and native, written by native speaking writers. We also can provide inhouse services, ie creating and maintaining a blog inside a casinosite.

Sites for casino marketing in 2021

12 Danish sites

4 Dutch sites

10 French sites

28 German sites

8 Italian sites

2 Japanese sites

54 Norwegian sites

94 Swedish sites

32 Spanish sites

6 Portuguese sites

117 Finnish sites

342 English sites

We employ writers that have solid history in creating stories, writing reviews and news. We use our network of professional to create content as per client needs and budget.

Casino- and other digital business marketing in the 20s

Casino marketing is a fiercely competitive field that has been changing dramatically with the evolution of digital technologies. We have been with casinosmarketing in digital age since the text messaging services in the 90s!

The gamer is interested in casino-related gaming content. And we can produce this content in multilingual manner, with good pace and native content – we are not the cheapist, we are not the largest, but we are reliable, and our customers are returning with new orders – and not only with casinos, but all digital business.

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