Rockst4r – One of the best snipers in Call of Duty: Warzone

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Rockst4r may not be a word you are familiar with if you don’t play Warzone. Pretty much the entire community has heard of him, or should have heard. Do you ever see someone being an absolute beast in something? Like in a way that makes it look like he/she was born to do that? That would be Rockst4r, he has never let his viewers down with his amazing shots. While some may even claim that those shots are a little too amazing to be legit.

Call of Duty: Warzone is not a exception on this matter, it does see its fair share of cheaters. But is this guy really one of them? Of course it’s easy to blame someone from hacking when you die in the game. Counter-Strike is one of those game series where you hear that all the time. Although it is worth mentioning that the cheating in that game has gotten a little out of hands.

On his Youtube channel you can actually witness this greatness yourself. To be honest, there was many “WTF?” moments while watching is videos.

Rockst4r – What’s all the fuss about?

Call of Duty franchise is no stranger for good snipers, in fact that’s what most of the players like to do. While the assault rifles and smg’s see a lot of use on CoD, a majority of players are snipers. Why? I honestly have no idea but an educated guess would be the feeling you get. By that I mean getting that one-shot one-kill type of a shot. Sniping isn’t really hard or easy in CoD, it’s in between we would say. Sniping in Call of Duty: Warzone, well that’s a completely different thing. When I first played Warzone, I didn’t realise just how big the bullet drop is in the game. As CoD franchise is notorius for not including bullet drop in their games. Well, you can scrap that thought and throw it away when you try and snipe in Warzone.

Being a good sniper in Call of Duty in general is fairly “easy”. However, being a good sniper in Warzone, well that requires quite a few hours of training. Seeing someone like Rockst4r playing so good with snipers actually gives people hope that they too might someday be as good.

It might be safe to say that Rockst4r is professional in the game. Does he cheat? We don’t think so but as mentioned above, his enemies sure do believe that.

We actually have an article about becoming a pro-level players, this however is only in english for now.

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